Shermya Pyatt, Street Mugger, Tracked Down By Victim On Facebook

A teenaged mugging victim helped get his female attacker, Shermya Pyatt, jailed after he tracked her down through Facebook.

Pyatt, 19, was accused of headbutting a 14-year-ld boy before stealing his bike according to the Daily Mail.

The young man got the idea of going after his attacker after Pyatt’s friend called out her name during the attack.

Because of her “unusual” name, Shermya, the young man and his friend decided to look her up on Facebook.

According to Leicester Mercury, Lynsey Knott, prosecuting said: “The defendant got on the bike and the victim took hold of the handlebars, trying to stop her.

“She head-butted him on his nose and left cheek area, causing him to let go and she rode away. The complainant was in immediate pain and it really hurt him.”

It was at that point the boy and his friend decided to take action. Once they located Pyatt on Facebook, they tuned over all their information to the police.

According to reports, Pyatt had received a reprimand and two police warnings for three assaults in 2006.

Then in March, 2010, she was prosecuted for possessing an imitation firearm, a BB gun, in Highcross shopping center and in July, 2010, committed a shoplifting offense.

Judge Simon Hammond said: “People are entitled to go about their lives without people robbing them.

“The bike was probably the victim’s most treasured possession. He never got it back.This defendant is a street bully. There’s a nasty, violent streak in her.”

Pyatt was in police custody because she was arrested for failing to answer her bail two months ago.

According to the Leicester Mercury report, Sally Bamford, mitigating, said: “She has expressed remorse for her actions.

“There are positive aspects to her character and she comes from a good supportive background.”

Social media can be a very useful tool, but in the case of the 14-year-old victim, it was the final piece of the puzzle to getting his attacker, Shermya Pyatt, off the street.

Shermya Pyatt’s actions haven’t gone unpunished; she has been given 22 months of jail time according to the Daily mail.

[Image via Shutterstock/Thinglass]