Valeria Lukyanova Stars In ‘Real Life Barbie Doll’ Documentary [Video]

Valeria Lukyanova has been an internet celebrity ever since some photos of her showed up on the internet last year. The Ukranian model, who looks like a real life Barbie doll, is now the subject of a new documentary called Space Barbie.

Why Space Barbie? Well, in addition to looking like a plastic doll, Valeria Lukyanova also has a few interesting ideas about life, death and spirituality.

Will Fairman, the director of the documentary, says that Lukyanova believes that she is from another planet, possibly Venus, and that she is psychic.

Valeria says that her gifts frightened her at first but after visiting with a psychiatrist she realized that she had special talents.

Lukyanova said: “I asked myself if everything was alright with my head. I hear voices all the time and see different beings. One day I decided to visit a psychiatrist. I told him everything. He listened to me carefully and said it was very lucky it was him because with another doctor I definitely would have been taken to a special place. He said ‘I’ve been studying esoterism for years and can see you are psychic.'”

The Space Barbie documentary explores some of Valeria’s beliefs about the after-life and her psychic abilities but it also deals with her Barbie persona. Fairman says that the human barbie is “paranoid” about not looking her best.

Fairman said: “She’s like a little queen, and she carries herself like that all the time. She never breaks. It’s not like the camera turns off and she whips out a cigarette and gets into a tracksuit. She’s naturally like that: a girl who has been getting attention ever since she was a teenager and gets crazy attention wherever she is. And she is paranoid about not looking perfect. I don’t know exactly where it comes from, but I suspect really it’s down to… she seems to have a quite a lot of issues about her physical self, and is incredibly fixated with her image.”

Lukyanova’s sister, Olga, is surprised that everyone refers to Valeria as a human Barbie doll. Olga says that her sister is very bright and that she has never thought of her as a ditsy blonde doll.

Olga said: “I never thought that my sister would be called a Barbie. She’s always had this doll-like look, but a doll is associated with an unintelligent person, and since my sister is very bright and interesting, I’ve never associated her with Barbie.”

You can watch a preview for the documentary below or watch the entire movie at You can also check more photos of the human barbie here.