Christina Aguilera Talks Break From ‘The Voice’ And Being A Mom First

Christina Aguilera walked away from the most recent season of NBC’s hit series The Voice, and now she’s opening up about her decision to take some time off.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday at the NBC portion of the Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverly Hills, Aguilera revealed:

“I’m the type of person that I cannot live in front of the camera 24 hours a day. I have to take breaks and stay connected with myself. I think it’s important so that I can then be [my] best on camera and find [my] own happiness with it.”

Aguilera then admitted that she was more interested in spending time with her son Max:

“I’m a mom and… the cameras go off, I go home, I put on sweats and a T-shirt. The red lips come off. I check out and I’m mom and I needed some time, I needed some time to do that. He starts kindergarten this fall, I’m excited about that, but mom’s gotta pay the bills and gotta do her thing. I wanted to also, for myself, [to] have a moment… for me. It’s really important to take that time in this business, when everything’s give, give, give, especially when you’re on camera so much, you need to take it back for a second and bring it back to yourself and just realign some things and I’ve been on a really incredible journey the past six months and I just feel revived.”

That time out will likely come in handy as Aguilera prepares to release and promote the fall release of her new album Lotus.

Both Christina and CeeLo Green are returning to The Voice to compete against three time winner Blake Shelton. Joking about the current state of The Voice, the singer stated:

“I understand that I am coming back to the Blake Shelton show at this point.

Aguilera appeared beside Adam Levine and CeeLo during a TCA panel for The voice in which Levine said no strategy has been hatched to stop Blake Shelton’s dominance of the event:

“It’s great to work with these guys and try to get them to win the show, which is obviously the end goal… but it’s kind of more amazing just to work with these people and help them get to wherever they’re going to get, whatever stage in the competition that they’re going to get to or whenever they go home they go home with all those amazing experiences. Winning’s great, and trust me, I hate the fact that Blake’s won three in a row but… I think that as long as we do our jobs and teach them what we know and help them along, honestly, we win.”

The Voice triumphantly return to NBC on September 23.

Do you think Christina Aguilera’s decision to put family ahead of constant work is a refreshing change for a Hollywood star?