Watergun Bumper Hack Lets Your Car Hose Down Tailgaters [Video]

Elaine Radford

Check out the watergun bumper hack just posted Saturday to YouTube by maker Chris Pool. It already went viral, enjoying over one million views in just two days.

The basic concept is pretty simple. Pool's car is now equipped with a watergun that he can use to squirt you with water or some other harmless substance out of the back of his car if you get too close to his bumper. You want it, you need it, and two weeks from now I'm probably going to have it installed in my own Ford Focus.

So stand back.

Pool said he had other cool car hacks coming and asked you to subscribe to his Twitter feed if you'd like to watch for them.

Of course, there are the usual comments from the peanut gallery. In case you are completely lacking in humor and common sense, here's the mandatory warning from The Inquisitr. We are not responsible if you hack your car, squirt somebody with yellow dye number two, and get your happy rear end locked up in jail or a mental home.

As YouTube commenter Formdesolver pointed out: "[I]t is a lawsuit waiting to happen because if anything were to happen then the person who got water squirted on their windshield can just say that it distracted them and it would be a no contest. This is more serious than people think...it seems like a cool idea but really it isn't. What if someone freaks out cause they have no idea whats being sprayed and they swerve and hit something?"

The standard video warning applies: Don't try this at home. I'm posting this for grins and giggles, not so you can play monkey see, monkey do.

Oh, and for more completely irresponsible car hacks, enjoy a video from Forbes I posted the other day. Those digital carjackers actually showed how to mess with somebody's brakes.

Stay safe out there folks. I guess I won't be installing that watergun bumper hack after all. But a girl can dream.

[watergun thumbnail image by Marc Dietrich via Shutterstock]