Nicki Minaj Engaged Or Publicity Stunt? DJ Khaled Met With Restraining Order

Is Nicki Minaj engaged or is the DJ Khaled proposal a publicity stunt that’s been met with a restraining order?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Nicki Minaj engagement seemed real since she was sporting the $500,000 10-carat diamond ring across town.

After DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj he claimed it was not a joke, saying, “I want to marry her! I was serious. She can take her time and think about it. At least she knows how I feel now.”

Fans of Nicki Minaj are pointing to a Facebook post featuring Nicki Minaj sporting a diamond ring believed to be DJ Khaled’s engagement ring. Even though Nicki Minaj never responded to the marriage proposal, fans insist the picture is proof that we’re seeing Nicki Minaj engaged. But others claim the diamond ring has been owned by Nicki Minaj for years.

Problem is, Nicki Minaj has been dating Safaree Samuels for quite a while. Then there’s a rumor that Nicki Minaj filed a restraining order against DJ Khaled in New York despite the fact the pair are working together on several projects. But another rumor says DJ Khaled privately expressed his love of Nicki Minaj in the past only to be spurned by the singer.

Atlanta Blackstar points out that the Nicki Minaj proposal from DJ Khaled included the line “we’re both suffering from success.” Suffering From Success just happens to be the title of DJ Khaled’s upcoming album. They speculate the Nicki Minaj engagement ring “could possibly be one embarrassing publicity stunt or the most shameless album plug the hip- hop community has ever seen.”

Do you think the Nicki Minaj engagement to DJ Khaled is real or a publicity stunt?