Benghazi Scandal Hero David Ubben Fought With SEALS, Speaks For First Time

The Benghazi scandal hero David Ubben is speaking publicly for the first time.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Benghazi mom Pat Smith was angered when Obama called the scandal “phony.”

The Benghazi scandal began when internal security at Benghazi was reduced from 34 people to just three by the State Department. Instead, groups known to be tied to al Qaeda terrorists were hired to guard Benghazi. During the attack, special forces were denied a Benghazi rescue mission twice even though the flight time was less than an hour. The State Department and the White House changed the Benghazi talking points significantly before and after the attack was announced to the public, causing some to claim the Benghazi scandal should impeach Obama since it’s claimed the actions were taken for political reasons.

Diplomatic Security agent David Ubben was in Benghazi during the attack. David Ubben sustained injuries at Benghazi so severe he’s still being treated at Walter Reed medical center to this day. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has attempted to interview David Ubben as part of their Benghazi scandal investigation, but the State Department has not allowed the meeting according to Representative Jason Chaffetz:

“While initially they said they would be helpful, pretty quickly they turned that off. And I had a meeting scheduled to go visit this… young man and then I was denied.”

Instead, Fox News managed to interview the Benghazi hero David Ubben who fought alongside the Navy SEALS were killed at Benghazi. Earlier in the night, he entered the smoke and flame-filled Benghazi consulate multiple times to attempt to rescue his fellow Americans. First, he recovered the body of Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith. He also went searching for Ambassador Chris Stevens but couldn’t find him.

During the second wave of attacks on Benghazi, David Ubben was on the rooftops with the Navy SEALS. Eventually, several rounds of mortar attacks found their mark, killing Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty while shredding David Ubben’s right leg. Ubben was stuck on the rooftop for 20 hours before help arrived.

Sean Smith’s mother Pat Smith is grateful to David Ubben for what he did at Benghazi:

“Thank you very much for what you’ve done. Why couldn’t the government have done the same thing? I think (Ubben) is a hero. He absolutely is a hero along with the two SEALs that got it. There’s no reason for all these people to die.”

What do you think about the Benghazi scandal after hearing more details from Benghazi hero David Ubben?