Amy Winehouse Interviewed by Intercom

Amy Winehouse, the trainwreck that nobody can look away from has been interviewed over the intercom, in 6 minutes of cringe worthy entertainment, disguised as journalism.

The Youtube video helpfully has a translation, if you like, don’t understand what Amy is on about.

Quick round up: she repeatedly says she isn’t drunk, blames Simon Cowell for everything that’s wrong with the world (she might have a point) and offers to bet $100k on the result of the next X Factor vote. She also proceeds to give what I am sure in her head, sounded like an insightful political commentary on why the alright singers get voted off X factor.

It is also clear that she still loves her husband, talking about his embarrassing taste in music. When the interviewer asks her if she is getting divorced, she says maybe they should run away together. With the paparazzi flashes going off in the background, you can’t help but feel sorry for her.