Verizon iPad With MiFi Arriving On Oct. 28th

Sweet! Verizon Wireless will officially receive their first shipment of Apple iPad devices on Oct. 28th and the units will feature an optional Mi-Fi attachment, an option which allows users to turn their 3G data connections into a Wi-Fi re-broadcaster for up to four other devices.

The announcement, made by both Verizon and Apple this morning, allows the MiFi option to be purchased for an additional $130 with a 1GB data subscription at $20 per month.

The move my Apple shows their push to bring Apple devices to larger audiences in the U.S. by removing AT&T Wireless’ stranglehold on the market, while the MiFi option will hopefully allow for even faster connection speeds when the network’s 4G data capability is released during the first half of 2011.

With Verizon also announcing a ton of new location and develop API options for their network and more information surfacing about a Verizon iPhone they may have the upper hand in the Apple battle with AT&T Wireless, which has had various connection issues with Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

In response to Verizon plans to sell the device, AT&T Wireless has also announced plans to roll the device out to all of their retail stores.

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