‘Model’ Josie Cunningham Wants To Sue NHS For Giving Her A Boob Job

Remember “model” Josie Cunningham, who got a boob job on England’s NHS, much to taxpayer outcry, and then decided that her elective breasts were way too big, and wanted a reduction, much to taxpayer outcry?

Well, Josie Cunningham is back — and in her quest to be completely hated in the UK, now claims to be trying to sue the NHS, for allowing her to get a boob job in the first place and causing her great distress.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this month, the breast augmentation Josie Cunningham got for free and paid for by taxpayers was problematic for the 23-year-old single mom of two, and she ran to the press to complain she wanted another tax-backed op to take the implants out.

Cunningham said:

“They’re making my working life difficult. They’re so big I find them embarrassing and I don’t feel I can do any modelling because they’ve attracted so much negative attention. I’m thinking about having a reduction on the NHS. I don’t want to spend my life being known as the girl with massive NHS boobs, so having smaller implants is the only option. I’m looking in to charities that could help, but I think it’s down to the NHS because they made them so big.”

However much Cunningham has been harassed, however, it didn’t seem to make a dent in her ability to be impervious to public hate. While she complains that people are screaming at her in the street, she has no qualms about also saying she wants more money out of the NHS.

The UK’s The Sun quotes her as “vowing” to sue and saying:

“I’m going to take them for every penny… I want in excess of £10,000. Anything I can get over that is a bonus.”

She also allegedly said:

“I was rushed through the process. I didn’t actually ask for 36DD — I would have been happier with a B cup… But they told me that because I didn’t have any breast tissue I’d have to go for bigger breasts. They haven’t helped me one bit. In fact, my life is ruined.”

The hospital in Leeds where Josie Cunningham had the surgery declined to comment on her lawsuit threats.