CNN’s Don Lemon Agrees With Bill O’Reilly On Black People

CNN’s Don Lemon is getting a Twitter lashing right now, after a Saturday night appearance where he fails to condemn’s Bill O’Reilly’s recent remarks about black families — and even says he doesn’t believe the Fox News pundit isn’t critical enough.

Don Lemon was on CNN when he made the remarks about Bill O’Reilly’s earlier comments, and part of what was so controversial was his statement that black people in America share more of the blame than even Fox suggests:

“In my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough… Walking around with your a*s and your underwear showing is not okay. In fact, it comes from prison. When they take away belts from prisoners so they can’t make a weapon. And then it evolved into which role each prisoner would have during male-on-male prison sex.”

Lemon also said black people are more prone to littering, adding:

“I’ve lived in several predominantly white communities in my life… I rarely, if ever, witnessed people littering. I live in Harlem now. It’s a historically Black neighborhood. Every single day, I see adults and children dropping their trash on the ground when the garbage can is just feet away. Just being honest here.”

Global Grind’s Michael Skolnick countered Lemon, saying:

“I think your remarks sound like a conservative preacher on a Sunday. Certainly Bill O’Reilly should welcome you on his show. I’m disappointed in you. You’re talking about sagging pants? I’ve heard this rap for years, talking about sagging pants. Let’s talk about why we incarcerate 2.2 million people in this country, and why young kids look up to guys who come out of jail.”

MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor later tweeted:

“Just saw Fruitvale Station. Heard Lemon remarks. There is nothing I can say. Yet. I just have to wonder. Exactly which America does he live in? But if I had a dollar for every turn coat mofo who made it up and out, then cut the rope ladder behind him… they get to thinking that good money, good suits and good manners will make them see you differently… I’ll tell you what though. If you step to the plate, your behind better be ready to take a pitch.”

Today, Don Lemon has been contending with Twitter backlash, as the mocking hashtag #DonLemonLogic trends.

Don Lemon has retweeted the video of his remarks, embedded below:

Watch the segment where Don Lemon agrees with Bill O’Reilly on the black community’s struggles, below: