Ali Fedotowsky Gets Creepy Gift From Her New Boyfriend

Ali Fedotowsky has a new boyfriend with good intentions, but apparently bad follow-through when it comes to romantic gestures.

The former Bachelorette and Bachelor star has had a career revival of sorts, with a small part in the new Woody Allen movie Blue Jasmine. Along with that she’s got a new man in her life, Kevin Manno.

The two seem to be in the exciting and new phase of their relationship, though judging by Fedotowsky’s interview at the Blue Jasmine premiere he might need some practice when it comes to gift giving.

“We were on a hike on Mulholland, and we saw this dog that looked like a panda, so we started calling it ‘Pand-Dog-Bear.’ So, we started making jokes about it. And for a gift he got a stuffed dog animal, and a stuffed panda animal,” Ali said. ‘He decapitated them both, actually sewed the heads onto the other bodies, and he gave me one, and he kept the other. And they are now our ‘Pand-Dog-Bears’!”

Apparently Ali Fedotowsky wasn’t creeped out by the gesture, which she said was the “sweetest, most romantic gift” she’d ever received.

“So many women talk about the gifts that they get, and they’re like, ‘Flowers!’ ‘Chocolates!’ ” Ali added. “And I’m like, ‘No! A decapitated stuffed animal is real love!’ It was the sweetest, most romantic gift that I have ever received.”

Ali met Kevin though a producer on the show she hosts, 1st Look. She said they were friends for a long time, and then “one thing led to another.”

All in all, Ali Fedotowsky seems to be in a good place. She’s been able to establish her career outside of being the Bachelorette, and her role in the new Woody Allen movie speaks to her acting ability. Now someone just needs to give Kevin Manno a few tips about gift-giving.