Cyanide Killing Doctor Not Trying To Flee, Will Face Charges

Cyanide killing Doctor Robert Ferrante wasn’t trying to flee, and will face the charges for poisoning his wife.

The University of Pittsburgh medical researcher had allegedly fatally poisoned his neurologist wife in April, and never intended to cause any misunderstanding when he starting driving North out of Florida. Doctor Robert Ferrante was instead attempting to drive to Pittsburgh to surrender, says his lawyer.

Attorney William Difenderfer states that his client was apprehended in West Virginia Thursday, where he was taken into custody. Authorities believed the cyanide killing doctor had been trying to flee in lieu of facing charges for the poisoning death of UPMC neurologist Autumn Marie Klein, 41.

Doctor Robert Ferrante had been called and told to turn himself in, and was apparently doing what his attorney had suggested.

Autumn Marie Klein, chief of women’s neurology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, had reportedly fallen ill at home April 17, and died three days later. That in itself wasn’t enough to point the finger of blame, though. The cyanide killing Doctor Robert Ferrante and a visiting professor of neurological surgery had used a University credit card and purchased about half a pound of cyanide two days before she had fallen ill. Also, he had apparently convinced her to try a nutritional supplement to promote pregnancy around the same time.

Doctor Robert Ferrante, co-director of the Center for ALS Research, claims he is innocent of the poisoning of his wife, who according to blood tests, had a lethal dose of cyanide in her blood. Other suspicious activity includes the insistence that Robert Ferrante’s wife be cremated upon her death, which would make post-mortem blood samples impossible.

Attorney William Difenderfer has said that his client is adamant that he had no involvement in the poisoning of his wife. It is possible the cyanide killing doctor’s willingness to personally drive to Pittsburgh and turn himself in, and to face charges, might convince the court of his innocence. This is most likely what Doctor Robert Ferrante is hoping for.

Do you think cyanide killing Doctor Robert Ferrante actually poisoned his wife, or is he trying to get away with murder?