Vera Farmiga Opens Up About ‘The Conjuring’

Vera Farmiga recently opened up about the spookiness she encountered before and after shooting director James Wan’s hit horror flick The Conjuring.

Although the Bates Motel star admitted that she is currently caught in a “threshold of knowing and not knowing,” it’s certainly hard to ignore some of the creepy things that happened to actress once she signed on to star the project.

During her chat with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Barbara Vancheri, Farmiga said the otherworldly shenanigans started shortly after she began researching the role.

“I had, for several hours, been researching Lorraine [Warren] and watching YouTube videos, and I closed my computer screen, and I spoke with James [Wan]. We hung up, I opened my laptop and there were these digital claw marks, and the film experience began with that,” she told the publication.

The creepiness didn’t end once the film was in the can. Vera Farmiga said the film continued to work its way into her subconscious long after she wrapped production on The Conjuring. One morning after she’d returned home the actress discovered three slash marks on her thigh.

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Farmiga told Yahoo! Movies that she often wakes up during the so-called “witching hour.” She said that this odd occurence has become something of a running joke in her house.

“It’s in my subconscious I know there’s an alarm clock beyond that. It’s a joke now. I look over, I flip over the cell phone, and sure enough, it’s 3:07,” the actress told the website.

Wan’s latest horror flick has proved to be extremely popular with moviegoers this summer. The R-rated scare flick has generated an impressive $69 million during its theatrical run in the US. Chances are this won’t be the last time moviegoers will see Ed and Lorraine Warren on the big screen.

Are you a fan of Vera Farmiga? What do you think about all of the spooky things that happened to the actress before and after she filmed The Conjuring?

[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures]