Tara Reid Denied Role In Sharknado 2, Ian Ziering Likely To Return

Actress Tara Reid will not have a role in the Sharknado 2 movie. According to reports, the only cast member likely to return is Ian Ziering.

Sources close to the project tell TMZ that meetings in New York led to the decision to cut Reid’s character.

You may recall that Ziering recently told Access Hollywood that he had reservations about Sharknado because of Tara Reid’s troubled past. Ultimately, he says Reid did a wonderful job:

“We came in, did our work, she was honestly very sweet, prepared, ready to do her stuff and did a great job. I’ve gotta hand it to her – she was professional.”

Despite his praises for Tara, it looks like producers will move in a new direction. Tara played Ziering’s estranged wife in the movie, and bringing them together in another unlikely circumstance would likely be a stretch for the sequel’s plot.

Tara and Ian earned around $50,000 for their roles in Sharknado, and Ian will likely score a much bigger payday for the sequel.

It shouldn’t be too hard for Sharknado 2 producers to find a suitable replacement for Tara Reid. The SyFy movie hasn’t exactly been praised for its acting, special effects, or much else. On the other hand, it is a movie about sharks in a tornado: How cool is that!

If SyFy can make movies like Rock Monster (one of my all-time favorite TV movies), there is no reason they can’t make a fun Sharknado 2 movie that will be awful but impossible to turn away from.

Sharknado recently made a one-night appearance at select theaters; however, I have a feeling the Sharknado 2 movie will still end up premiering on SyFy and not at your local movie complex.

Are you excited for Sharknado 2? Do you think Tara Reid should reprise her role in the sequel or be thrown to the wayside?