Peyton Manning Shines At Broncos Training Camp

Peyton Manning showed up at the Broncos training camp ready to perform, and according to witnesses, he hasn’t disappointed. While the former Colts quarterback had a less than stellar 2012 season, it appears he may be on the path back to his former glory.

While Manning showed up at the Broncos training camp last year with uncertainty surrounding him, this year was different. A more confident quarterback graced the field on Saturday, ready to prove himself again.

9 News reports that Manning stated of the upcoming season:

“I certainly feel more comfortable. I have more knowledge about how I feel physically and what I can do and certainly of our teammates, our system and kind of this Denver Broncos culture.”

Manning also acknowledged the questions surrounding his first year away from the Indianapolis Colts. But past the questions, he stated, “The only way to get those answers is to play an entire season.” And that is what the MVP runner-up intends to do.

The Denver Post notes that Peyton Manning proved his worth in day one of training camp, shining through while the rest of the team’s quarterbacks appeared to falter.

Manning’s work also drew the biggest cheers from fans as the team worked in pads for the first time. The quarterback is coming off of neck surgery, which he had before last season. Last year, Manning finished with his second best totals overall for completion percentage, throwing yards, and touchdowns.

With rehab completed, Manning is now working to create a better rhythm with his teammates. However, wide receiver Demaryius Thomas admitted, “I can’t tell any difference to tell you the truth. He looked good when I first got him… I’ve never had a quarterback like Peyton, so he looked great then and looks great now.”

The news can give Broncos fans hope that Peyton Manning and the rest of the team can work toward a playoff spot — and hopefully a Superbowl Championship — this year.

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