Kidd Kraddick Death Watch: Proceed With Caution, People

UPDATE: Kidd Kraddick has died. A previous report from The Inquisitr was written close to three hours after Mark Cuban’s tweet. At the time of publication, the only news and information that existed online was Cuban’s tweet and given the history of Twitter hacks we’ve seen this year, I, the writer of that piece, believed there was some possibility that could be what happened here.

In the original piece, I said “we’re not saying that the rumor isn’t true,” but to proceed with caution. Unfortunately, the rumor has been confirmed by Kidd Kraddick’s employer. I am as saddened as any of you to hear about this development. I enjoyed listening to Kidd Kraddick’s morning show, and even more so enjoyed the work that he did for children.

To those offended by the “tackiness” of the original piece, I apologize and out of respect for Kraddick, have removed any text that could offend readers, leaving you with this official statement from YEA Networks, which was released after our original piece had gone live:

“All of us with YEA Networks and the Kid Kraddick in the Morning crew are heartbroken over the loss of our dear friend and leader. Kidd devoted his life to making people smile every morning, and for 21 years his foundation has been dedicated to bringing joy to thousands of chronically and terminally ill children.

Kidd passed away today in New Orleans at a golf tournament organized to raise money for his beloved Kidd’s Kids charity. He died doing what he loved, and his final day was spent selflessly focused on those special children that meant the world to him.

We ask that you respect the privacy of his family and his colleagues. At the appropriate time, we will release more information about the cause of death.”

ORIGINAL POST with a heaping dose of apologies:

Kidd Kraddick Death Watch: let the rumors begin.

Over the next few hours/days, you’re likely to hear from a lot of people — particularly those on social media — that the Dallas-based syndicated radio personality has died.

Now, we’re not saying that the rumor isn’t true — and if there does turn out to be any fact to it, I’m sure we’ll know soon enough — but as of Saturday night, July 27, you folks should probably proceed with caution.

Celebrity death hoaxes are becoming an annoyingly regular thing, with the most recent story another attempt to kill off Jackie Chan. Kidd Kraddick, however, is a particularly interesting target, especially when you consider the source of the speculation:

Mark Cuban. Dallas Mavericks owner. Shark Tank star. “Notorious” billionaire.

On Saturday evening at 7:32 p.m., Cuban allegedly tweeted the following: “RIP Kidd Kraddick. You were an amazing man and a friend. You are already missed.”

Cuban and Kraddick are both popular Dallas personalities, and the fact this comes from Cuban’s actual Twitter account is enough to raise some eyebrows.

But considering the website has mentioned nothing of the demise and that no other news outlets were reporting on it close to three hours after Cuban’s tweet, we’re willing to bet this is a hack job.

It wouldn’t be the first time this year that a high-profile Twitter account became the target of a group of hackers. In April, the Associated Press Twitter feed tweeted that explosions near the White House had injured President Obama.

If you still haven’t heard anything on this story by the time of the deejay’s next show, then consider the Kidd Kraddick death watch over. Should he not show up, however, you officially have our permission to start worrying.

(Or if the news is for some reason delayed 24 hours on the Internet, then we’ll update this post to eat a little crow.)

Does the Kidd Kraddick death tweet have you worried? And are you as sick and tired of these celebrity death hoaxes as we are?

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