Rapist Fathered Children With Daughters, Sentenced To 90 Years

Convicted rapist father Aswad Ayinde received an additional 50 years to his sentence on Friday after being convicted of committing sexual abuse on yet another daughter. The new half-century brings Ayinde’s overall sentence to 90 years.

The 55-year-old reportedly impregnated the second daughter a total of four times and was convicted of the crime in March. A jury determined he had committed sexual intercourse with the daughter while she “was between the ages of 8 and 22,” the NBC report stated.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only act of the rapist father, who in November 2011 received his original conviction.

At the previous trial, Ayinde’s ex-wife said it was Ayinde’s desire to “create ‘pure’ family bloodlines” by impregnating his then-teenage daughters.

In all, Aswad Ayinde has been accused of raping five daughters. Three are said to have given birth to a total of six children, allegedly making Ayinde both father and grandfather to the same kids.

Prosecutors in Passaic County alleged that one of the daughters, at the time in her early teens, was sexually assaulted as late as January 2002.

Authorities believe the assaults started in the mid-1980s and stopped sometime in 2002, after he and his wife had separated. That period of time overlaps with the time when the family came onto the radar of the state’s child welfare agency, NBC noted.

Ayinde’s wife and one of his daughters testified against him at the first trial, during which his daughter said she experienced and witnessed beatings that were administered with wooden boards and steel-toed boots. Ayinde would also withhold food to “punish” his children/lovers.

Ayinde’s ex-wife said that in at least two instances, babies had died during delivery and were buried without notifying the authorities. All children had been home-schooled, the ex-wife said, and were told not to speak or interact with other children.

“No one really asked questions of each other because somebody would tell on somebody and somebody would get in trouble,” she said, adding that after she had become aware of the sexual abuse, she was too frightened to confront Ayinde.

However, Ayinde’s ex-wife and daughter did finally report him to authorities in 2005.

Ayinde’s defense attorney Nina C. Remson argued that the family had made a “lifestyle choice,” and that the incest and child-bearing of his daughters was consensual, NorthJersey.com noted.

Here’s a mugshot of the convicted rapist father:

Rapist Father Aswad Ayinde MugshotOther incest cases to come down the pike in the last several months: Tiffany Hartford, aspiring porn star, was arrested in December for willingly having a child with her own father and, also in December, two meth-heads/half-siblings were arrested for exposing their infant daughter to smoke.

While both are particularly vomit-inducing, the Ayinde case is particularly awful. Do you think this rapist father got the sentence he deserved?

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