July 27, 2013
Former Congresswoman And Ambassador, Lindy Boggs, Dies At 97

Lindy Boggs, a Louisiana Democrat, has died today, July 27, in her home in Chevy Chase at the age of 97.

According to the Washington Post, Boggs' death was confirmed by her daughter, broadcast journalist Cokie Roberts, who said the medical cause of death was not immediately known.

ABC News reported that Boggs was born on a plantation in Coupee Parish, Louisiana in 1916. She later graduated from Tulane University, which was where she met her husband, Thomas Hale Boggs.

The two married in 1938, and two years later Hale Boggs won election to the House, "launching a long and prominent career that would include the role of House majority leader."

Lindy Boggs ran her husband's re-election campaigns, worked as a member of his House staff, and advised him on politics.

When Hale Boggs's plane went missing over Alaska in 1973, Lindy took over his House seat in a special election.

She then served from 1973 until she retired in 1990.

The Washington Post reported that her children followed her into public life:

Her son, Tommy Boggs, is one of the marquee partners of the law firm and lobbyist group Patton Boggs; her youngest daughter, Cokie Roberts, is a journalist who has worked for National Public Radio and ABC-TV; her oldest daughter, the late Barbara Boggs Sigmund, was mayor of Princeton, N.J.
The report continued on to say that with her "Southern graciousness, Rep. Boggs was said to charm, flatter and persuade even the most curmudgeonly of her male counterparts in Congress.

"As a representative for nine terms, she used those skills to support civil rights, eventually becoming the only white lawmaker elected from a majority black district, and to pass legislation that helped women and children."

Throughout her career, Boggs insisted she truly liked almost everyone she met, "whether Presidents Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy, or journalists, lobbyists and campaign workers."

With the death of Lindy Boggs, one of the "daughters of Louisiana" and a woman well liked by many, it is safe to say, that she will be missed.

[Image via Wounded Bird]