July 27, 2013
Kim Jong Un Interview Sees North Korean Dictator 'Doorstepped' [Video]

A Kimg Jong Un interview by Channel 4 News is apparently the first of its kind.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kim Jong Un announced North Korea was ready for more nuclear weapons tests.

A North Korean ship coming from Cuba was seized in the Panama canal and found to have missiles. But while claiming ownership Cuba downplayed the North Korean missiles, saying their were obsolete.

During a military parade celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice, Kim Jong Un stepped out in public. This is apparently fairly rare since Kim Jong Un's father was known for not being seen publicly.

Asia Correspondent John Sparks was allowed to interview Kim Jong Un. Sparks asked, "What message are you trying to send to the west?" Kim Jong Un was apparently silent, but his followers responded, "The message is clear - we are strong and can repel any attack."

Despite many of the soldiers carrying plastic weapons and the the sound of cheering crowds being pre-recorded, Kim Jong Un apparently feels the celebrations should be marked as a victory for North Korea. Kim Jong Un later attended the grand opening of a war museum in Pyongyang.

Back in South Korea, President Park Geun-hye marked the anniversary by calling on Kim Jong Un to step down hostilities:

"I urge North Korea to give up the development of nuclear weapons if the country is to start on a path toward true change and progress."

What do you think the world should do about Kim Jong Un and North Korea?