July 27, 2013
Bride, Best Man Missing After Hudson Barge Crash [Video, Body Recovered]

A bride-to-be and her fiance's best man are missing after a Hudson River barge crash, one that occurred near the Tappan Zee bridge.

The bride and best man remain missing after last night's boat crash, in which the powerboat on which they were traveling crashed into a construction barge near the bridge.

Four of the passengers were transported to a hospital, including the fiance of 30-year-old Lindsay Stewart, who is still missing.

(Update, 1:56 PM Saturday -- Police have recovered a body believed to be that of Stewart. CNN reports:

"Authorities have recovered a female body in their search for two boaters involved in an accident on the Hudson river, officials said Saturday. The woman is believed to be a bride-to-be who went missing after the boat struck a barge late Friday.")

Stewart's mother Carol Stewart said earlier today of the missing bride-to-be:

"She's supposed to be married two weeks from today... It just can't end like this."

Neither the identity of nor the fate of the best man missing in the crash has been disclosed by authorities, and it is unclear if Stewart's body was the only one found.

Police did say that the woman was not wearing a life jacket when the body was recovered.

Before the sad announcement was made, stepdad Walter Kosik said of his missing stepdaughter:

"There's a miracle every day. We're believing she's somewhere and she's alive... But the water temperature, there's hypothermia, it's scary. I'm just hoping she's clinging onto the bridge somewhere. You can only pray."

Late last night, the search was suspended due to harsh conditions, and resumed this morning at 9 AM.

New York State Thruway Authority, who was in charge of the barge involved, said that lights on the vessel were working properly and released a statement expressing concern and condolences.

While the bride-to-be is believed to have been found dead, no word has yet been released on the missing best man.