Kate Upton Bikini Pics Light Up Twitter

In case you didn’t know by now, Kate Upton looks pretty great in a bikini. But just in case you have any doubts you can check out some new photos of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model below.

Upton recently shared a few new bikini photos on Twitter. Of course, this isn’t exactly new behavior for the model. Upton makes a living in her bikini and she frequently shares some of her behind the scenes photos on Twitter.

You can see Upton’s Twitter feed (as well as some of her bikini photos) here or check out some of IQ’s articles about the model’s bridal bikini, her days without makeup or her naked horseback ride here.

Upton is one of the most sought after models working in the industry today and many people say that it’s because she’s a savvy social media expert. (It doesn’t hurt that she’s also drop dead gorgeous.) Fashionista calls her the first “Social Media Model” because of her interesting career path. Upton was discovered in a YouTube video and has gone on to cover magazines like Vogue, GQ, and Sports Illustrated.

This led to Kate Upton’s second nickname: “The Hottest Supermodel On Earth.”

Do you think the super model owes her success to social media? Or, maybe, does it have something to do with the way Kate Upton looks in a bikini?