July 27, 2013
John Williams Will Score 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Legendary composer John Williams will score J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII.

While many assumed that Williams would handle the score for the next installment of the beloved franchise, nothing about his involvement had been announced by Disney or Lucasfilm.

However, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that John Williams will return for Star Wars: Episode VII during a fan event in Germany on Saturday (July 27).

The composer joins an impressible number of talented individuals who are toiling behind-the-camera to bring the sequel to life. In addition to Williams and Abrams, the project includes screenwriter Michael Arndt and consultants Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg. The movie is expected to hit theaters in 2015.

Although John Williams is now officially attached to score the highly-anticipated project, the award-winning composer revealed that he's yet to see the script. However, this isn't stopping him from putting together a few rough ideas in the meantime.

"The story is still unknown to me, the new story. But I can't imagine that there will not be some references to the existing stories that we know that would necessitate, and make appropriate, the use of some of the earlier themes," he explained in a recent interview.

Even if John Williams' name doesn't ring any bells, chances are you're already extremely familiar with the man's work. The composer provided the scores for such classic motion pictures as Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jurassic Park, Home Alone, and the Indiana Jones films.

Williams isn't the only Star Wars alum who will help out with Abrams' Episode VII. Original trilogy stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford are also attached to the project. Other casting details have not been announced, though there's certainly no shortage of rumors.

Be sure to check out the recent interview with the composer below.

Are you glad that John Williams has finally been confirmed for Star Wars: Episode VII?

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