July 27, 2013
FedEx Employee Fired For Throwing Packages [Video]

Have you seen the video of the FedEx employee carelessly tossing packages into the back of the truck? Well, SVP of human resources Shannon A. Brown has and he isn't happy.

Brown released a video response today saying that the employee in the video was no longer with the company.

A video surfaced earlier this week showing an unidentified FedEx employee standing at the back of a truck. The employee throws the packages into the back of the truck without any regard to where they'll land or what they contain.

The video quickly went viral (it has close to 350,000 views at the moment) and could have caused a PR headache for the company.

FedEx was quick to respond with their own video statement and the company may have been able to stop any damage to their reputation.

Brown says: "On behalf of all Fedex team members worldwide, I want to tell you that we are very disappointed to see the recent online video. FedEx sets high performance standards for our team members which is why our customers trust us to pick up and deliver 10 million packages everyday around the world. I want you to know that this is completely unacceptable to us and that this driver is no longer working for FedEx. I want to apologize to all of our customers for the actions of this individual."

Here's the video of the FedEx driver throwing packagers into her truck.

You can watch FexEx response to the video below.