Paula Deen Says New Allegations Are About Money, Not Race

Another day, another slew of racist allegations being leveled against celebrity chef Paula Deen.

Deen almost managed to slump into obscurity after being branded a racist over a lawsuit deposition in which she admitted to using the odious “N-word.” This, coupled with a bizarre and offensive plan for a “plantation-style” wedding, and Deen lost a ton of respect (and business partnerships).

This week, a new employee emerged with a ton of new racist allegations emerged.

Dora Charles, an African-American cook who has worked for Deen for more than 20 years, told the New York Times that Deen promised her big money should her own business take off. Deen did, but Charles has been stuck at $10 an hour living in a rinky-dink trailer.

On top of Deen’s alleged broken promises, she also apparently used racial slurs and asked Charles to do pretty demeaning things like ringing a dinner bell in front of the restaurant. She also says that Deen once asked another African-American employee to dress as Aunt Jemima.

This time instead of apologizing, Deen is apparently going on the offensive. In a statement to ET Friday, she implied that Charles is just an opportunist.

“Ms. Charles’ ‘issue’ is about money, not race. She receives a salary of more than $70,000 per year, plus profit sharing and benefits. For 20 years she has been paid a fair wage for her work, but she feels she deserves even more money. She claimed to be a friend of Paula Deen’s but is now trying to cash in on the current situation.”

What do you think? Are Dora Charles’ racist allegations true, or is she just trying to take advantage of Paula Deen while she’s an easy target? Sound off!

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