Mario anniversary Wii and Nintendo DSi coming west!

Against my better expectations, Nintendo will be bringing those shmexy limited edition Super Mario 25th Anniversary consoles to the west – Europe, to be precise.

Nintendo’s UK arm announced that both the Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary DSi XL and Wii systems will reach European shores on October 22nd and October 29th respectively. The Wii will come with Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, while the DSi XL will be packed with – of course – New Super Mario Bros. They are the reddest things ever.

One (incredibly slight) downer: while the Japanese version of the Wii will come with a special version of 1985’s Super Mario Bros. loaded onto the system (all the question marks on item boxes have been replaced with a ’25’ – go here and scroll down for a screenshot), the Euro edition has the original Donkey Kong. That’s still kind of neat, of course! I… don’t feel like I should be ungrateful right now.

Nothing announced for North America yet, but I’m sure demand will justify bringing these sweet trinkets Stateside.

[Via Nintendo]