Tim Tebow ‘Praying’ For Aaron Hernandez

Tim Tebow found himself answering questions about the Aaron Hernandez murder case on Friday instead of talking about the Patriots.

Though he had been instructed not to comment on the ongoing Hernandez case, Tebow actually had quite a bit to say about his teammate. The two played together for three years at Florida, and just over two weeks with New England.

Hernandez was charged with murder in late June.

“It was heartbreaking and sad and we’ve been advised not to comment on an ongoing legal investigation,” Tebow lamented of his Florida and Patriots teammate. “I’m not going to comment further. But it’s just heartbreaking and sad, and all my thoughts and prayers go out to the families involved.”

As he is deeply religious, Tebow was asked if he has been praying for Hernandez.

“Of course I am,” he replied.

Tim Tebow politely declined to answer two other questions about Hernandez: Whether he was shocked when he heard of the murder charge, and if he has had any contact with Hernandez since the shooting death of Odin Lloyd on June 17.

”I understand why you have to ask all the questions. That’s part of doing your job,” Tebow dodged, ”and part of mine is listening to instruction and we’ve been told not to talk about it.”

When it comes to his new spot with the New England Patriots, the sports world is still wondering exactly what Tebow will be doing on the field. He played mostly against backup defenders during Friday’s practice, but did wear the red quarterback’s jersey.

”I felt pretty good out there,” Tebow said. ”I felt like I made some good decisions. I’ve got to keep improving every single day. We’ll go watch the film and we’ll get better from it, but I felt good about the practice.”

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