Alfonso Soriano Traded Back To Yankees

Alfonso Soriano was traded back to the Yankees on Friday after he officially waives his no-trade clause. The move from the Chicago Cubs back to New York was celebrated by the outfielder.

Soriano began his Major League Baseball career with the Yankees in 1999. while he may not be playing at quite the same level as last time, he’s still happy to be home.

ESPN reports that the outfielder stated on Friday, “I’m very happy. This is my house. This is my home. I’m happy I’m back. After 10 years, it’s never too late. I’m happy I’m back.”

Soriano is still owed $24.5 through the end of next season, and the Cubs will pick up about $17.7 million of that. The Yankees will cover the remaining $6.8 million.

In return for trading Alfonso Soriano, the Cubs will receive Class A pitcher Corey Black. Soriano added that he is excited to join the Yankees during a playoff race. The team is very close to winning a wild-card spot. He explained:

“I’m happy that I have the opportunity to come back to New York, where I started my career. I’m happy that I can try to help the team to win and make the playoffs.”

CBS Sports notes that Alfonso Soriano is a good acquisition for the Yankees, as the outfielder has homered more often than the entire Yankees team this month. At eight, he is tied for the most in the majors.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi explained that Soriano will be placed in left field and used as the team’s designated hitter. He is expected to provide much-needed power to the Yankees right side. Girardi added, “I hope it makes us better, a lot better. You’re able to split up your lefties a little bit, too, by putting him in the middle. Hopefully it helps our lineup.”

Soriano joins former teammates Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and several others. Do you think Alfonso Soriano will help the Yankees?