Flavor Flav Chicken Restaurant Closes In Detroit

Flavor Flav is no longer selling chicken in Detroit.

The Public Enemy rapper’s restaurant, Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs, went out of business this week.

According to Crains Detroit, Flav was evicted from the building after he failed to pay rent. The building owners sued the singer last month saying that he owed more than $20,000. The owners said that Flav hadn’t paid rent since October.

Flav’s business partner Gino Harmon denied that claim.

Still, the locks were changed on the restaurant earlier this week and some U-Haul trucks have already started removing the restaurant equipment.

Flav tried to deny any financial trouble saying that everything was good and that he was planning on having some special guests come to the restaurant this week.

Flavor Flav wrote on Facebook: “Don’t Believe All That Hype Out There Folks..We Are Not Going Anywhere! In Fact We Are Having Visitors Next Week!! LL Cool J/Ice Cube/Flavor Flav W/His Group Public Enemy & De La Soul Will Be Coming Right Here!!!”

Shortly after that, the singer wrote that his restaurant was merely changing locations.

Flav wrote: “No worries we are relocating!!! Stay tuned for our official announcement later this evening!!!”

Spin notes that this isn’t the first Flavor Flav restaurant to fail. The House Of Flavor in Las Vegas and Flavor Flav’s Chicken in Iowa both closed within 6 months.

[Image Via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]