Jake The Snake Nearly 1 Year Sober, Filming New Movie

Jake The Snake Roberts has been clean and sober for nearly a year.

The former professional wrestler recently updated his Twitter account with the message: “254 days coke free. 33 with out a drink!”

The message was posted six days ago and since there hasn’t been any reports of a relapse that means that Jake The Snake has gone 360 days without touching cocaine.

Bleacher Report notes that Roberts has struggled with substance abuse since his days in the WWE. Some believe that the wrestler’s addiction problem is the main reason why he hasn’t been inducted into the hall of fame.

Thankfully, it looks like Jake the Snake has turned over a new leaf and is committed to staying sober.

Jake’s wrestling days may be long gone but he isn’t done performing. The Snake is currently working on a new film, Heavy Water, which is looking for funding on Kickstarter.

Jake plays a homeless man named Jed in the new movie who offers the protagonist protection has he is introduced to “the family.”

The Kickstarter page reads: “Jake’s experience as a professional wrestler translated into strong performances and brought a powerful presence to his character. His ability to improvise, take direction, and become the character shines through in his depiction of Jed.”

Here’s a video about the new movie.

Are you happy for Jake The Snake? Do you think he’ll be able to stay sober?

[Image Via Facebook]