Mysterious Hum Heard Around The World

Do you hear that? That humming noise? A mysterious hum has been driving people crazy in places as divorce as Taos, New Mexico and Largs, Scotland, and scientists aren’t exactly sure what is causing the noise.

NBC reports that the mysterious hum has been heard by people since the 1950s. It only effects a small percentage of the population and general involves rural areas. The low frequency noise is also generally heard indoors and at night.

Most of the people who hear the mysterious hum are between the ages of 55 and 70.

Katie Jacques of Leeds, England, said that the hum sounds like an idling diesel engine.

Jacques said: “It’s a kind of torture; sometimes, you just want to scream… It’s worst at night. It’s hard to get off to sleep because I hear this throbbing sound in the background. … You’re tossing and turning, and you get more and more agitated about it.”

There are several “hum hotspots” around the world but even in these locations it is rare for someone to hear the mysterious sound. Live Science reports that only about 2% of people living in a hum zone hear the strange noise.

In addition to Leeds, the mysterious hum has been heard in Taos, New Mexico; Bristol, England; Windsor, Ontario; and Bondi, Australia.

Research is being conducted to discover the source of the mysterious noise but scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint an exact cause just yet. One popular hypothesis is that the mysterious hum is caused by nearby industrial equipment. Power lines, wireless devices, seismic activity, military experiments and plain ol’ paranoia have also been blamed for the noise.