Justin Bieber: ‘Blessed’ By A Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Stick [Video]

Justin Bieber has been presented with a signed Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey stick encased in glass.

The 19-year-old is a longtime fan of the NHL ice hockey team, has played the game since he was a child, and was even a honorary part of the team once. In addition, earlier this week the pop star posted two tongue-in-cheek Leafs inspired Instagram videos.

In one, flanked by two ponderous wingmen, a deadpan Bieber announced that all three had been drafted to the Leafs and the move would change the team’s year to a “spectacular” one.

Before any Leafs fans get over-excited about the “draft” video, it’s probably worth noting it was a joke.

Naturally, Bieber was psyched about the hockey stick and posted an instagram video on Friday to mark the moment.

Leafs CEO, Tim Leiweke, even pops up in it, which is quite something.

As all Leafs fans will know, Leiweke is the suit brought in to revamp the team’s woeful fortunes. In fact, he’s so optimistic the Leafs will soon break their 46-year Stanley Cup drought he’s mapped a victory-parade route for the hockey team.

But back to Bieber.

In the video, the teen star delightedly begins: “So, I just got blessed with this right here,” then pans over the stick showing the signatures of the entire Leafs team.

The clearly thrilled singer added that it was presented to “Me, Justin Bieber!”

Leiweke manages to grab seconds of air time to blurb, “and we’ve never been done this before.”

The whole thing is a nice change of pace from the pop prince’s Twitter scalding earlier this month after he touched off Chicago Blackhawks fans’ rage by touching the Stanley Cup then standing on the team’s locker room logo.

After reportedly glowing reviews for last night’s (July 25) Air Canada Center concert, Bieber plays there once more tonight.

The singer tweeted this brief message shortly after his Toronto Maple Leafs honoring.

#Blessed Toronto Maple Leafs http://t.co/BPR9I0pUQ6

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) July 26, 2013