‘Sharknado’ Coming To Theaters Next Week

What in the world is a Sharknado? Is it a shark, or is it a tornado? Wait it’s sharks inside of a tornado? That’s the running commentary we’ve been hearing and saying to our colleagues when it comes to the SyFy phenomenon. In short SyFy’s Sharknado is a C-level film that just won’t die.

Although SyFy has been running the hit on a loop, that still isn’t enough for some people. Now it’s said that Sharknado is going to hit a few theaters. NCM Fathom Events, who usually bring the movie going audience classier events, have announced that Sharknado is coming to theaters in an exclusive midnight showing on Friday, August 2.

If you want to buy tickets to see the film outside of your home, you can go to the Fathom Events site to purchase tickets for the event. Sharknado will be showing on Thursday night/Friday morning. What’s even better is Fathom Events is promising never before seen footage.

To think we haven’t seen every bit of the bizarre footage from Sharknado isn’t something we can easily wrap our heads around. Who knows how it all might look on the big screen? Especially since its effects are extremely low-budget.

The executive vice president Shelly Maxwell made an announcement in regards to Sharknado coming to theaters:

“‘Sharknado’ was an instant hit with fans – and celebrities – from the moment they first saw it, creating a social media phenomenon on July 11 with nearly 400,000 social mentions. Imagine sharks invading from the skies on 40-foot screens in movie theaters nationwide. Next week’s special midnight showing is a first for Fathom and will answer the age-old question: Who knew sharks could fly?”

If you really don’t want to venture outside for what will probably be a gathering of epic albeit weird proportions, SyFy will be airing Sharknado again on Saturday night.

In addition to Sharknado opening in theaters, it was announced Sharknado 2 was green lit for SyFy. Let’s hope it’s just as glorious as the first.