Matt Damon Pranked By ‘Elysium’ Co-Star

Matt Damon fell victim to a prank on the set of his latest film Elysium.

Since he’s the villain in the upcoming sci-fi flick, District 9 and A-Team star Sharlto Copley decided to give his co-star a little bit of trouble. It all started when Matt Damon was on his way back to the set after visiting his family in New York.

“He’d had about three hours of sleep, and was expecting to get a little bit of rest,” Copley recently explained to Entertainment Weekly.

Instead of catching up on some much-needed sleep after taking the red eye back to work, Matt Damon found his trailer filled to overflowing with fake blood and gore.

“There were bloodied limbs in the shower and the sink. There was blood on the sheets. I had left all my dirty clothes from the movie — my underwear, smelly socks — in his bed. There was porn in the DVD player. You know, just trash, everywhere,” Copley said of his prank.

He continued, “The poor guy walks in, exhausted, just wanting to have a lie-down, but he had to wait an hour or two while the cleaners cleaned his trailer. I don’t think he found it that funny at the time.”

Although Matt Damon may not have found his Elysium co-star’s prank to be downright hilarious, Copley pointed out that the Good Will Hunting star didn’t have to clean the trailer himself.

Director Neill Blomkamp’s latest endeavor casts Damon in the role of a man who only has a few days left to live. In order to stay alive, he must infiltrate a space station known as Elyisum, a virtual paradise inhabited by the wealthy that’s orbiting the planet. Copley will try his best to stop that from happening.

Matt Damon and Sharlto Copley will go head-to-head when Elysium hits theaters on August 9. Are you planning to catch the flick in theaters?

[Image via TriStar Pictures]