Missing Teen Found Near Pot Farm, Used For Sex And Labor

A missing teen was found near a pot farm, used for sex and labor.

A missing teenage girl in Los Angeles has been found in an odd place. She had been in a metal box on a pot farm, kept there by her two captors and made to help process marijuana.

Prosecutors say the girl was being held captive by Ryan Balletto, 30, and Patrick Pearmain, 24, and had been sexually assaulted. The two have been arrested on charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana, using a minor in a drug operation, and use of a firearm for purposes of drug trafficking.

The missing teen had been found when Police looked into a connection between her and captor Ryan Balletto. She had been kept in the metal box with holes in it and given water through a hose, and water had been poured into the container to wash her and empty the human waste.

The initial visit in the investigation had turned up nothing, but a second visit had been warranted when the missing teen found near the pot farm had called the sheriff’s deputies back on a cell phone, leading them to a second visit. The teen had told Police she was okay, and was with Balletto in Sacramento. Tracing the call, Police found the missing teen in a hotel room with Patrick Pearman.

Further investigation led to the discovery of a bag full of marijuana and prescription drugs, as well as condoms and a pregnancy test. The two men were arrested, and a notebook was also allegedly discovered with a script for the girl to recite over the phone with the Police.

The missing teen found was reported to have claimed that the sex was consensual, which was impossible given her age. A raid of the pot farm uncovered various sex toys and bondage equipment found to be well worn, and over 1,200 marijuana plants. Evidence uncovered also suggested other girls had been taken and abused on the pot farm.

What do you think of the missing teen found near a pot farm? What should the sentence be for her captors?