Neil Gaiman’s Video Game ‘Wayward Manor’ Announced [Video]

Neil Gaiman’s video game was just announced, which will add one more thing to his wide body of works.

Known for writing a long array of novels and children’s books, screenplays, teleplays, and comics, Neil Gaiman’s video game will be developed in conjunction with The Odd Gentlemen, the minds behind The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom. Neil Gaiman is titling his video game Wayward Manor.

Neil Gaiman’s video game is apparently based upon his favorite movies:

“For quite a while there’s been a story that I’ve wanted to tell; something inspired by the kinds of films I loved when I was a kid. Things like Arsenic and Old Lace, Blithe Spirit, The Man Who Came to Dinner. But I kept running into the same problem: it didn’t really feel like a novel. It felt like something that you would have to experience yourself.”

Wayward Manor is described to be a puzzle/adventure hybrid game. You will play as a disgruntled ghost trying to scare off your home’s new living residents. It will be released on Mac, PC, and tablets. The possibility of releasing on major consoles is not mentioned at this time, although the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are reported to support independent developers.

Pre-orders for Neil Gaiman’s video game are now available on Wayward Manor’s official website along with many other kinds of merchandise and awards. There is even the option to buy an invite to dinner with Neil Gaiman himself for $10,000.

What do you all think about Neil Gaiman’s new foray into video games? Does Wayward Manor sound like a video game you’d be interested in playing?