Peanut Butter Jar Innovation Will Change Your … Sandwich

Getting your hands sticky in a peanut butter jar is pretty much the definition of a first world problem, and usually any place you’ve got the Peter Pan out is somewhere you also have easy access to a sink.

Still, I bet every single one of us is lazy enough that the design flaws of a peanut butter jar have prevented us from a really desperately desired PB&J (couldn’t you totally go for a crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam on oatmeal bread right now?) simply because sticky hands are such a deterrent.

But the difficulty in liberating peanut butter from a peanut butter jar may become a thing of the past. (And if you’re like me, you’re already wondering if this is one of those things that is adopted only by some sucky off-brand and eschewed by your peanut butter of choice so you have to shun an interesting concept to maintain your peanut butter integrity. Goober Grape, I’m looking at you.)

Yes, the humble peanut butter jar got an insane makeover — one that makes the whole simple act of putting the substance in your face hole ostensibly less annoying.

Instead of an immovable glass or oddly-shaped plastic jar, this peanut butter is… wait for it… twist-up. And it appears to be applicable to all varieties of peanut butter, whether you dig on store brands, insist on some fancy Whole Paycheck version, or can’t deal with anything but the Skippy your mom used.

We also, watching the video above, learned a new term that is forever useful — “peanut butter knuckles.” Yesssssss.

Like many awesome new inventions, the peanut butter jar twist up idea isn’t yet at the consumer stage yet, which means we all have to suffer peanut butter knuckles for at least a year. But we’re hoping that Big Peanut Butter sees this and we’re all twisting PB&J by 2015.