Theismann to be Owner/President of Florida Tuskers

There have been Joe Theismann buying the Florida Tuskers rumors for over a month now, and the United Football League was very slow to acknowledge that development or respond to progress on what was taking place behind the scenes. Why I am sure we can all understand the public is not the best place to debate the particulars of a business deal, it kind of seems that the UFL although claiming they are moving towards a franchise system, they may still be operating under a single entity kind of model.

What I mean by that is the actual franchise owners in this league seem to have little power, or say in how their teams are operated. Jim Speros was set to be the owner of the UFL Virginia team, but balked as the price tag with no real power to steer his organization. With that in mind it leads me to believe that Theismann is just a figurehead owner, and the UFL itself is still in control of this team.

I say that based on the fact that UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue has gone on record saying that the Florida Tuskers are worth 20 million dollars. If that is true than the expansion Omaha Nighthawks have to have a similar value, and the league is trying to find multiple owners to allegedly operate that team. In my mind it seems there would be a number of folks willing to part with 20 million bucks to own a professional football team.

In the end it doesn’t really matter if the league is run via the franchise system or as a single entity with a league General Manger making the personnel decisions on every team. What matters is that a league that is branding itself as the most fan friendly is up front with their fans, and not doing things just for appearances sake.

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