Selena Gomez Doesn't Hate Justin Bieber: Never Say Never? [Video]

Selena Gomez had kind words for an embattled Justin Bieber during a television appearance today.

After celebrating her milestone 21st birthday over the last few days, the starlet is already back on the grind promoting her just released new album Stars Dance.

Despite recently confirming that she and Bieber are not dating, Gomez declared her affection for the Canadian singer during a Good Morning America guest spot this morning (July 26).

During the show she performed three cuts from her new album and a bonus song. The Latina also answered a query from hosts Sam Champion and Lara Spencer on how and why she maintains a friendship with her uber famous ex-beau.

"That's because he and I have had such a history together and I'll always care about him and protect him if anybody tries to be mean," she said sweetly, but firmly.

Although the Spring Breakers actress abruptly yanked an interview earlier this week after she was ambushed by a reporter throwing insulting Bieber questions at her, Gomez couldn't have been more accommodating on GMA.

Perhaps that's what she was talking about when she referred to people being "mean."

Bieber and Gomez began dating in 2010 but went public in February 2011 at Vanity Fair's Oscars Party. They first split in November 2012, but the pair have reunited and split since then.

Some observers have assumed the present split is permanent, based on Gomez's announcement and her comments about future plans after she wraps her upcoming Stars Dance tour on November 27.

Gomez also opened up on how she spends her downtime.

"I'm just at home, watching movies," she said. "Usually sleeping or dancing. Either one of those."

"I don't feel like I'm settled yet," she added. "I still think I've got to continue to strive. My music's doing really well, so I'm just kind of focusing on my work. I feel like the moment I'm not working I get bored and then I go crazy."

During the show the star performed old favorite "Love You Like A Love Song," and also "Come & Get It," "Slow Down," and "Birthday" from her LP, which has received underwhelming reviews.

So, to recap: Gomez and Bieber are friends. She will literally tank an interview if someone is rude about him, and Bieber has been into his "Heartbreaker" since he was 15 and evidently still is.

For all the above and perhaps more, that could spell never say never.

[Image via Just Jared]