John Lennon Remembered On His 70th Birthday

A new monument to John Lennon has been unveiled in Liverpool by his first wife Cynthia and son Julian to mark what would have been the slain singers 70th birthday.

The statue features a globe with doves flying above, and is designed to be a monument for peace, long a strong theme in Lennon’s work.

“We come here with our hearts to honor dad and pray for peace and say thank you to each and every one of you and everybody involved in the celebrations today,” Julian said.

Widow Yoko Ono didn’t forget John Lennon’s Birthday anniversary either, giving fans a sincere birthday message in which Yoko talked about John, his childhood and his talent.

Yoko told fans about how John Lennon turned his pain into beautiful messages for the world and how Lennon changed our way of thinking through love.

Yoko’s John Lennon’s Birthday message as follows: