November 7, 2017
Justin Bieber Thrills Toronto Amid New 'Spit' Flap

Justin Bieber tightropes a PR knife edge today in the wake of new pictures showing him spitting from a Canadian hotel balcony on Thursday.

The startling spitting images were captured by TMZ and can be seen here.

The 19-year-old is in his native country for three Believe tour shows. The star has already played Ottawa on Tuesday and Toronto's Air Canada Center last night, where he performs again tonight.

From local and national reports, Bieber thrilled the sold-out crowd in a 100 minute spectacle which featured fireworks, numerous crotch-grabs, a three-leveled stage, a six-pack feel for a Swedish fan during the song "One Less Lonely Girl," and a "Proud Canadian" speech from the singer.

"It feels so good to be home!" Bieber told the audience. "I used to come and see the Leafs play here and I now I get to perform here. I wish I could stay here all night. You guys are amazing."

But while Toronto's Beliebers embraced their countryman last night, today the lead Bieber story isn't his concert but a new 'spit' squall.

The teen star was seen spitting from his Toronto hotel balcony at an unknown landing spot, before his show.

The incident --- for want of a better word --- occurred on Thursday, July 25.

The date has been confirmed from time-dated Instagrams Bieber posted wearing the same clothes and in the same location. He also filmed fans who had gathered outside his hotel.

"I wake up this morning to this... best fans in the world #beliebers #sexyfans," the singer captioned the video.

The new furor comes after previous alleged incidents in which Bieber has been accused of spitting at people.

The first of these allegedly occurred in January this year.

Justin Bieber Caught Up In New Spitting Row

On January 22, Sweet Carolina Radio host Colette Harrington Schwoeri took to Facebook to write about her encounter with the "Baby" star at the Ritz Carlton Hotel gym in North Carolina.

Schwoeri claimed she asked Bieber to pose for a photo but he declined. She also claimed Justin and his companions mocked her spoken workout counts by imitating them and adding expletives.

The radio host wrote on Facebook: "I go back to working out and a take drink from my water bottle only it is Justin's blue Gatorade. I spit it out right way thinking about his disgusting spit. I did not look at my water bottle before taking a drink."

Bieber's rep later denied the woman's story to TMZ and said Bieber and his pals had been making snide comments to each other, not the radio host.

Schwoeri later clarified the 'spit' part of her allegation and insisted she "never said" that Bieber spit in her drink, adding:

"I drank JB's Gatorade thinking it was mine! The only thing TMZ asked me is, 'did I think he left it on purpose.' And I said, 'I don't know, I hope not.'"

In March, a neighbor from Bieber's gated Calabasas, Calif., neighborhood alleged the singer spat and threatened to kill him during a heated argument over his alleged reckless driving in the area.

Earlier this month, a Columbus, Ohio DJ claimed the singer spat in his face and swore at him. The DJ, Addison Ulhaq, alleges Bieber did so after he was told the DJ had been trying to take photos of him in an over 21-bar and lounge.

Ulhaq has since filed a police report but has yet to file criminal charges.

To read the police report click here.

Bieber's camp have denied any spitting occurred in all three alleged instances.

Bieber Performing At Toronto's Air Canada Center, July 25