Alice Eve, Bryan Cranston: ‘Cold Comes The Night’ Trailer [Video]

Alice Eve and Bryan Cranston will star in Cold Comes The Night — and the first trailer for the Total Film thriller has dropped. Hit that button and check it out.

According to Coming Soon, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has now bought all rights to distribute the film directed by by Tze Chun.

Cold Comes The Night is currently in post-production and it doesn’t appear as if a firm release date has been set just yet. IMDb thinks that the UK release will be on September 20.

So it’s something to watch out for if you like what you see in the trailer.

Cold Comes The Night is the story of a motel owner and her daughter who are taken hostage by a career criminal who apparently likes to say, “Where is the money?” with a heavy accent.

At the time of writing, the trailer hadn’t yet attracted a lot of YouTube love. With only around 15,000 views, you can figure that you’ll be the first one of your friends to see it and share it.

Most of the reaction involves people trying to write “Where is the money?” in various languages and accents. Heh.

But her part in Cold Comes The Night actually looks like a meatier role for Alice Eve than her controversial bra and panties appearance in Star Trek Into Darkness. Eve’s much-debated Dr. Carole Marcus was apparently prone to wandering around starships in next-to-nothing for some random reason that wasn’t ever really explained.

But just in case you were orbiting Mars and missed the entire Alice Eve underwear brouhaha, maybe this publicity still from Paramount will explain what the fuss was all about:

Alice Eve
Alice Eve in Star Trek Into Darkness publicity still

After checking out the Cold Comes The Night trailer, do you think you’ll be seeing Bryan Cranston and Alice Eve together in their new movie?

[Zoe Saldana, Alice Eve photo by Joe Seer /]