DJ Khaled Proposes To Nicki Minaj [Video]

DJ Khaled proposed to Nicki Minaj today and the Pink Friday said...? Well, she hasn't said anything yet.

DJ Khaled was talking with MTV when he pulled out a ring and proposed to the singer.

Nicki Minaj isn't currently dating anyone so she is free to say yes to Khaled's proposal.

Of course, she'll probably take a little time to think about it.

Khaled said:

"Nicki Minaj, I'm at MTV, I'm going to be honest with you; I love you... I like you, I want you, I want you to be mine. Nicki Minaj, will you marry me? If you gotta take your time and think about it, I overstand, but I know I have to be here today to let you know how serious I am and how serious this is to me."

According to MTV, DJ Khaled proposed with a 10 karat radiant cut diamond ring from Rafaello & Co. The ring is reportedly worth about $500,000.

DJ Khaled has an album dropping in a few months so this could be a little bit of a publicity stunt. Or, just maybe, it was love at first twerk.

What do you think of Khaled's proposal? Do you think Nicki Minaj will say yes?