Kim Kardashian Spent $750,000 On Gold Plated Toilets, Or Maybe Not

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spend $750,000 on gold-plated toilets --- if you believe the tabloids, that is.

A report this week said the new parents decided to splurge on some bathroom accessories for their Bel Air, California, mansion. That wasn't the only big purchase for Kim and Kanye, as they also reportedly spent $444,000 on six special beds and $325,000 on kitchen appliances, which included a Swarovski refrigerator/freezer that came encrusted with crystals.

This followed a report from last year that said Kim Kardashian spent $100,000 on a self-flushing toilet, allegedly because she was fearful that guests might forget to flush.

The only problem is the gold plated toilet rumor appears to be false. The report originated with the UK's Sun, a tabloid with a bad track record when it comes to Kimye stories. The paper printed a bogus rumor that the couple was engaged as well as a report about Kim's baby shower that was off the mark.

A source assured Gossip Cop that the rumor about $750,000 gold-plated toilets simply "isn't true."

While the gold-plated toilet rumor maybe false, another Hollywood report says Kanye West isn't too fond of poop --- or at least cleaning it up himself.

An insider told Us Weekly that while Kanye is in love with his new daughter North, "he's not changing diapers." But other sources added that Kanye won't leave North for more than an hour, and holds his baby girl all he time.

Kim Kardashian appears to have her own bathroom hangups as well. Back in 2011, during her very brief marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries, Kim was seen getting upset with him for his messy bathroom habits.

"Can I tell you what another of my pet peeves is? Someone that brushes their teeth so hard that they make the entire mirror all [soapy]," she told Kris.

A mirror probably cleans a lot easier than a $750,000 gold plated toilet, not that Kim Kardashian would know.