Tropical Storm Flossie Heads Toward Hawaii

Dan Evon

Tropical Storm Flossie is heading toward Hawaii and it should continue on that path for the next week.

But there's also some good news for Hawaiians. According to Accu Weather, Tropical Storm Flossie is expected to weaken to a tropical rainstorm over the weekend.

Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said: "Flossie is running out of time for much more strengthening since the circulation will begin to reach cooler waters in about a day."

Flossie took shape early on Thursday morning and was quickly classified as a tropical storm. The storm is expected to gain strength through Friday, with winds as strong as 50 mph, but will then weaken as it makes its way toward land. The storm is not expected to ever reach hurricane status.

Flossie is currently about a thousand miles away from Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.

Flossie may not be a tropical storm when it reaches Hawaii but the National Weather Service warned Hawaiians to keep on eye on the storm.

The NWS wrote: "Important to keep in mind that even the remnants of tropical cyclones can sometimes bring copious, excessive rainfall."

Tropical Storm Dorian is currently churning in the Atlantic Ocean. Dorian had 60 mph winds today but is still more than 1,500 miles off of coast of Africa. It does not poise a threat to any land mass at the moment.