Oldest Man Turns 112: Offers Advice For Long Living

The oldest man in the world is 112-year-old Salustiano Sanchez Blazquez of Grand Island, New York. Guinness presented Blazquez with the honor following the death of Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura, who was 116.

Blazquez was born in Spain on June 8, 1901. Although he does not believe he should be honored for simply living a long time, he is OK with the Guinness‘ title.

As reported by UPI, Blazquez offers some advice for long living. The oldest man explains that he eats one banana and takes one aspirin every day. Blazquez keeps his mind sharp with crossword puzzles and games of gin rummy with his friends. He also enjoys spending time in the garden.

Blazquez moved to Cuba in 1918 with his brother. He worked with his brother in the sugar cane fields until 1920, when he entered the United States at Ellis Island.

Once settled in the US, Blazquez moved to Lynch, Kentucky, where he made his living working in coal mines.

He eventually moved to New York state, just outside Niagara Falls. In New York, Blazquez held several occupations, working in construction and with industrial furnaces.

As reported by ABC News, he married his wife Pearl in 1934. Blazquez and his wife had two sons.

In addition to his sons, Blazquez now has seven grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and five great-great grandchildren.

Pearl passed away in 1988. At the time of his wife’s death, Blazquez moved in with his daughter Irene Johnson.

Blazquez stayed with his daughter until she was no longer able to provide him with the care he needed. In 2007 he moved into a nursing home.

The world’s oldest man is humble, but his friends and family are proud about his new title. His daughter attributes his longevity to being “an independent, stubborn man.”

The world’s oldest documented woman is Misao Okawa, of Japan. Okawa is 115 years old.

[Image via Wikimedia]