Jason Segel’s Role To Be Recast in SLC Punk! Sequel

All was looking well for the SLC Punk! sequel. It seemed like everyone was on board for a second film, there was a semi-plausible plot laid out that would keep characters moving along, but now things aren’t looking too great.

SLC Punk! ‘s director/writer James Merendino addressed the issue concerning Jason Segel’s involvement. When the 1999 hit first came out Segel was an unknown actor, but years later he’s one of the most coveted funny guys out there. In addition he already has a pretty full plate on How I Met Your Mother.

We have learned that Jason Segel is the only cast member to decline the invitation to return, and his role as Mike will subsequently be recast instead of entirely cut out.

Merendino stated on the Segel-less SLC PUNK! sequel:

“Jason has not read the script. But he knows that Mike’s part is a cameo. I am very impressed by Jason’s career and his many talents. He has been very sweet about why he feels that a cameo in the sequel is not the direction he is going.”

He continued:

“As for cutting Mike out of the Sequel. Mike is based on a real person. What he has done in real life is awesome and must be told. And I can’t imagine the story without including his very punk rock experience. Jason played him well but I cannot just forget how much he influenced me and this story. There are some very talented actors out there but only one Mike in my life.”

That said, everyone else is going to be back on board, and that includes Matthew Lillard, Michael A. Goorjian, Christopher McDonald, Devon Sawa, and Annabeth Gish.

As for the plot, the last we heard Merendin wants the film to take place in 2003, which would see the punks as adults.

Are you in for a Jason Segel-less sequel to SLC PUNK?