Salsa Recall: Shards Of Glass Found In Popular Brand

A warning from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has caused the Wichita County Public Health District to issue an immediate recall alert for some prepackaged Salsa products.

The contaminated items were manufactured by Olam Tomato Processors, Inc. and are called Mild and Medium Chunky Salsa. It is alleged that these particular products may contain large pieces of glass. The items were sold by Dollar Tree and Deals, Dollar Express and Dollar Bill$ stores, in the Wichita Falls area.

The suspect items are clearly marked: “Distributed by Greenbrier International, Inc.” These are the details you should look for on the glass jar below the cap and above the label:

Mild Chunky Salsa (UPC 3927759137)
L12142 (Best By Date June 2015)
L04093 (Best By Date October 2015)

Medium Chunky Salsa (UPC 3927759139)
L01313 (Best By Date July 2015)

For the time being, the recall is on a voluntary basis; it is limited to these three specific production batches. No other varieties of Chunky Salsa products are suspected of having the problem.

The recall warning was triggered by reports from three customers that they had found glass inside the jars. There are no instances of anyone being injured. The swift response of retailers has meant that none of the potentially contaminated jars remain on display in stores.

However, it is important that consumers check any items in their homes. For help or answers for any problems, people are requested to call: (800) 876-8697, ext. 15918. The product may be returned to stores for a full refund. The FDA website can provide further information at:

Fortunately, the speedy reaction of stores to the salsa recall warning has averted what could have been a a disaster. However, sales of salsa product will probably decline in the immediate aftermath.