Tim Hudson Injury: Wife Thanks Opposing Team After Husband Suffers Broken Ankle

Forget the Ryan Braun scandal. Forget about A-Rod’s impending lifetime ban. Forget about performance enhancement drugs and let’s talk a little bit about sportsmanship and class. Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson suffered a season (and possibly career) ending injury on Wednesday night and everyone involved, especially his wife Kim, is setting an example for the MLB.

Hudson broke his ankle on Wednesday night while racing to first base. New York Mets left fielder Eric Young Jr. accidentally stepped on the pitcher’s ankle and, well, Hudson had to be carted off the field.

The 38-year-old pitcher is done for the season and Wednesday night may have been the last game of his career. Which means that the Hudson family could be faced with some decisions that they didn’t plan on making right now. It would be understandable for Hudson and his wife to be a little upset with Young Jr.

But they aren’t. Kim even wrote to Young after the accident and thanked him for playing the game the right way..

Kim wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for playing the game the right way. You’re obviously one of the good guys. We appreciate you.”

Young definitely appreciated the kind words. The baseball player was visibly upset when he realized that he caused Hudson’s injury.

After the game Young said: “I knew I didn’t get any of the base. I got all of his foot… I pretty much knew it was broke right when I did it. That’s why I ran back to him and tried to console him as much as I could and to apologize.”

Now, Tim Hudson’s injury really doesn’t have anything to do with PED’s or substance abuse. But the MLB is in need of a little good will. Hudson’s wife Kim and Eric Young Jr. have provided that.