Ryan Gosling Emasculated Himself In Only God Forgives

Ryan Gosling’s latest, Only God Forgives, is a disturbing crime thriller featuring an abusive relationship between a mother, played by Kristin Scott Thomas, and her crime boss son Julian, played by Ryan Gosling. But a lot of the nasty thrown Gosling’s way by Thomas wasn’t in the original script. Gosling himself wrote many of the actress’ “emasculating” lines.

In one particularly memorable scene, Gosling is humiliated by his mother at dinner when he brings a hooker along to pose as his girlfriend. Many of her comments, some disparaging his “manhood,” were suggested by Gosling.

“She had to emasculate me, and so she asked me to help, which I thought was funny. We just worked together, and I told her all the things that she could say to me that would be sort of castrating,” Gosling said. “She has that whole crazy rant.”

The dialogue suggestions made matters worse for Thomas, who admitted that she was already struggling playing such a dark character.

She said that while playing Crystal was fun, the effect was “debilitating and wears you down.”

As for the dinner scene:

“All I can remember was there was these huge pages and pages of words, and some of them were very, very difficult to say,” she said. “He (Gosling) came up with that dialogue, believe me.”

She also spared no praise for Gosling and his willingness to fully engage in a scene.

“You can rely on him. He’s not going to flake. He’s not going to suddenly stop being in the scene. He’s not going to judge you by the way you’re interpreting something,” she gushed, adding: “To have somebody that I could completely rely on to be there and not kind of laugh… was sort of helpful.”

Only God Forgives is in theaters now. Are you a fan of Ryan Gosling?