Paul Abdul, Paula Goodspeed latest

The Paula Abdul Paula Goodspeed story continues to roll on, with a number of new reports out today, and word that Abdul believes Goodspeed is haunting her house!

An initial coroners report on Paula Goodspeed’s cause of death has failed to declare what she died from. The no official cause of death finding though is open until reports of a toxicology test are available in six to eight weeks.

Another report claims that an overdose of prescription drugs has been blamed for the death of Goodspeed, as prescription drugs were found with the body.

Charles McIntyre, Paula Goodspeed’s brother has spoken publicly to E! News, claiming that Goodspeed was not stalking Abdul. “She didn’t have any mental problems, as far as I know. My sister doesn’t’ have a criminal record, she’s clean as clean. She doesn’t even have a traffic violation.”

McIntyre though seems to be in a state of denial, repeating a claim that his sister had claimed she had met with Abdul personally. “She told me she had coffee with Paula Abdul at a restaurant in 2005,” said McIntyre.

On the Paula Abdul is bat-shit crazy front, Abdul is reported to have hired psychic healers to cleanse her house of ghosts, or more specifically the ghost of Paula Goodspeed. A story in the New York Post’s Page Six claims that the fan’s death has left Abdul “freaked out,” and that Paula won’t go back into her house because of the ghosts.

Abdul is also denying reports that she will quit American Idol at the end of the next season. Jeff Ballard, Abdul’s personal publicist told the media that the reports are “absolutely untrue.”